Bonne Chance, TU250


Yesterday we bid farewell to our TU250. Even before the events of a few weeks ago it had become apparent that Beth’s interest in motorcycling was waning, and I had been thinking about selling it. Her decade long search for a horse had finally yielded an Andalusian and she was riding the TU less and less. She finally admitted to me that while she like doing it with me, she didn’t really like riding all that much. For the record, I was, and especially now, am totally cool with that decision. Riding motorcycles is not for everyone, and I’d be some kinda terrible husband if I insisted that she do something she didn’t like.

Being the Craigslist guru that she is, Beth listed it for sale a few weeks ago and waited. Aside from the Nigerian princes who generously wanted to pay more than we were asking, and the inevitable tire kickers, we didn’t get any real replies until this past week. A nice couple from Massachusetts replied to the ad looking for their first motorcycle. They had just taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Riding Class and were excited to buy their first bike. They came up late in the afternoon and we stood in the garage for a while talking about the TU. I answered their questions and shared a few stories of my riding experiences. It did good for my soul to see this couple enter into the world of motorcycling by making good decisions. Start small, spend money on gear and training, and practice. Not that I’m cynical about riding right now, but I kind of envied their inexperience and enthusiasm.

We packed the TU into their van, shook hands and they drove off with their new bike. We didn’t have the TU for that long, and aside from the week that Johnny was here, it didn’t get a lot of miles. It was a nice little bike to have around, but I would rather see it go to a good home and to people who will make their own adventures, rather than be wasted sitting in a garage.

So to that couple, I wish them the best of luck and the best of adventures on two wheels. I hope it turns out to be as awesome for them as it has been for me.


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