This Week In Vinyl: Incubus – Make Yourself

I love when I get one of these in the house. One of my all time favorite records. Remember that time when I said I fucking love Incubus? Yeah. Still true. I don’t remember what prompted me to start listing to @incubusofficial but man, I’m glad I did. I remember driving an hour to find this CD at some random music store near Ft. Lauderdale somewhere around 2001. It stayed in high rotation for the next decade. Maybe longer.

Released in 1999, Make Yourself is a monster. The singles: Pardon Me, Stellar, and Drive were mega-hits that are still relevant over 20 years later. This record feels like a bridge between their early sound in S.C.I.E.N.C.E and what would come next. There is plenty of hard/alternative rock to satisfy the primal need to rock out, but you can start to hear them settle in with some of the more vulnerable tracks. Morning View would expand on this maturing even more. The variety in the sound works really well. At no point does it feel disjointed. Even the funk/jazz romp of Battlestar Scralatchtica is a perfect fit. A super fun and funky track that’s only disappointing when it’s over.

This @musiconvinyl 180g double LP sounds as good as the mirror finish vinyl looks. I’m continually impressed by the quality of the pressings that I’ve gotten from them.

Pretty solid Friday morning dudes.

Carry on.

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