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Posted: June 2, 2013 in Life, Shooting
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I carry a gun. Everyday.

(As local laws, restrictions, and my travel schedule allows.)

I mentioned this briefly in a previous post. On a daily basis, I carry a loaded and concealed firearm for the purposes of self defense. I know what you’re thinking, what would prompt me, a relative nobody, to feel the need to carry a firearm for personal protection? Have I become paranoid? Am I just rebelling from a liberal upbringing? Mall ninja in 5.11 gear? Or have I opened my eyes to the world I live in. A dangerous place where real evil exists, and can rear its ugly head at a time and place we least expect. Therefore, it stands to reason that it’s better to be prepared for such an event, however unlikely, rather than become a victim because “it’ll never happen to me.”

This is not a popular topic. I understand that. But it’s something worth talking about. In the recent push for gun control, gun and ammunitions sales have surged to record levels. Whats the most common reason people give for becoming new gun owners? Personal protection. Hmmm.. Maybe there’s something to that. And maybe, just maybe, its not just me.

Now, there are those that will tell you that they don’t want private citizens to be armed. They don’t want people “playing hero in the street” because there are police and there are courts of law. The police are there to protect you. If someone is breaking into your house, just call and they’ll be there. They’ll be there right? Sure, in whatever time it take them to respond, which guaranteed, is longer than its going to take for an intruder, or attacker to severely impact your safety. A recent example is the unfortunate case of a young woman in Washington state, whose ex boyfriend was breaking into her house to attack her. Naturally she called 911, but was told that there were no police that could come to her assistance. She was on her own… And was later taken to an area hospital to be treated for her injuries.

It’s not paranoia, it’s being prepared.

We are on our own. Its an uncomfortable thing to hear. I’m not being down on law enforcement. The fact is that police officers simply can’t be everywhere we are all the time. The police will come pick up the pieces, apprehend and prosecute the offender(s), but in that moment of violence, the only person responsible for your safety is you.

“You’re crazy dude, its never going to happen.” Ok, I will concede that it is unlikely. At the same time I will also point out that it is unlikely for an airplane to have a dual catastrophic engine failure in flight. Unlikely, sure, but not impossible. So we make sure our pilots know exactly what to do if that unlikely scenario presents itself. If that makes sense, then applying the same logic, one could argue that while it is unlikely for your home be invaded or for you to be mugged walking to your car at night after work, it might happen. And if it might be possible, we should have a plan for responding to such an event.

We don’t want to believe it. We as human beings have a difficult time coping with the reality of someone trying to hurt us. Referred to as the Universal Human Phobia (ref. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman: On Combat), it is incredibly difficult for us to accept the concept of another human being actively trying to do us harm. Difficult though it may be, we need to recognize the reality that it can happen. Crime has no borders. Crack heads needing money to score don’t know there are nicer houses than yours to rob. They see an open window or door at night, and see an opportunity.

I’m not a doomsday prepper. I’m not waiting for some fictional zombie apocalypse or EMP/invasion from a hostile foreign (or domestic) government. That’s something best left for the discovery channel. However, I have chosen to be aware of the danger in our society and have equipped myself with the tools and training necessary to protect myself, and more importantly, my family. Whether they share my beliefs or not.

When people ask, I say this: If I go my entire gun carrying life and never have to deploy my gun in a defensive situation, I will consider that a great success. I believe that to my core. I’m not waiting for it to happen, and I certainly don’t want it to happen, but I’d like to think in that worst case scenario, I’d have a better chance of survival than the guy that’s unarmed waiting for the police to respond.

The last line of defense is you. Plan accordingly.

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